Alanya Municipal Theater “SCAPIN’İN DOLAPLARI”

English subtitles.

🎭27-28 December 2019 - Scapin'in Dolapları (+7 age and up/ 2 Scene 90 munite)

Summary of the play: The theatre play tells the story about Scapin who is a servant, has done some comic tricky to reunite young people who are in love with each other in a funny language. Oktave fell in love with a young girl and secretly got married with her. But his father Argante who was unaware of this marriage, father wanted to make marry his son of Geronte's second wife. Geronte's son, Leandre falls in love with a girl who his father doesn't approve her. But this is none other than Argante's little girl who disappeared years ago. Scapin, which manages to solve every problem with its chicane, will apply solutions that no one can think of.