World Winners Cup Excitement Begins

The World Winners Cup, which will be held in Alanya for the first time in the world, will be attended by more than 25 women and men beach football teams from 6 continents.

World World Champions Clubs Cup will be held on 21-27 October 2019 at Cleopatra Beach in Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, United States, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Morocco, You will encounter countries like Czechia, Lebanon, Thailand, Greece, Hungary. The matches start today at Cleopatra Beach.


In the world-famous France Football Magazine, 10 athletes were selected as the legends of football on the beach. Two of these will take place in Alanya Belediyespor Team. European and World Cup, the king of goals, the Swiss National team playing Dejan Stankovic and the golden glove, the goals scored by the famous Iranian national goalkeeper Peyman Hosseini Alanya Belediyespor team will represent Alanya and our country.

21 October Monday Program As follows;

MEN                09:30   E4-B.Q. ALL STAR CLUB (THA) - E1-BSC VYBOR (UKR)
MEN                09:30 D2-NAPOLI PATRON (GRE) - D3-REAL MÜNSTER (GER)
MEN                10:45 D4-KEBBY BS (NGA) - D1-LEVANTE UD (ESP)
MEN                10:45 E2-ROSTOCKER (GER) - E3-NEW TEAM BS (BEL)
WOMEN           12:00 WOMEN - WOMEN
MEN                12:00   C2-COPENHAGEN (DEN) - C3-ATLETICO LICATA (ITA)
MEN                13:30 C4-MASAFI AL WASAT (IRQ) - C1-BSC KRISTALL (RUS)
WOMEN          13.30 WOMEN – WOMEN
MEN                14:45 B4-AL ARABI (KUW) -  B1-FLAMENGO (BRA)
MEN                14:45   B2-BOCA GDANSK - B3-SHANIN KHAZAR (IRN)
MEN                16:00   A4-MEIZHOU HAKKA (CHN) - A1-ALANYA (TUR)
MEN                16:00   A2-GOLDWIN PLUSS (HUN) - A3-MOGHAVEMAT YAZD (IRN)