The Calabash Street Being a Symbol of Alanya Comes to Life Again

The Alanya Municipality continues its activities in the social and cultural fields. Preparation for the season has begun at the Calabash Street, which has become the most popular street in Alanya and consists of pumpkins prepared by people with disabilities.
The awareness project “Calabash Street”, realized in cooperation with the Urban Design Directorate and Alanya Municipality Social Assistance Affairs Directorate, which has carried out many projects to ensure the adaptation of disabled individuals to life and bring them into daily life. The street comes to life again before the summer tourism season. Pumpkins on the Calabash Street, which has become a selfie point especially for foreign tourists visiting Alanya, recommending “Don’t go without stopping by", are meticulously prepared by disabled individuals. 1600 pumpkins, prepared by the working team consisting of individuals from each disability group, add color to Alanya by hanging above the street with the same meticulousness.


Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel stated that they have created priority projects for the disabled individuals to hold on to life and not to break away from the society and social life and that they have succeeded in adding value to the city. “We are working to bring new attraction centers to our city in every field. We are implementing our projects one by one by getting support from all parts of the society”, stated the Mayor Yücel.