The Brand City of Sports ALANYA, Signed Another Big Organization

World Winners Cup organized in Alanya for the first time in the world, the championship which was attended by 19 men and 5 women teams from 22 countries started on Cleopatra Beach. Alanya Belediyespor team was defeated by Meizhou Hakka from China on the first day of the championship.

Alanya, one of the leading cities of the sport, is again happy to sign another big organization. World Beach Football Champions Clubs Cup, sponsored by Alanya Municipality, started with the participation of 19 men and 5 women teams from 22 countries. The first day of the seven-day championship was followed by a crowded audience. The championship will end on 27 October with the final matches of the men's and women's teams.

All match results of the day are as follows;

B.Q.All Star Club (Thailand): 4, BSC Vybor (Ukraine: 6
Naples Patron (Greece): 3, Real Munster / Germany): 2
Kebbi BSC (Nigeria): 0, Levante (Spain): 15
Rostocker (Germany): 7, New Team BS (Belgium): 3
Norcal BSC (USA): 4, WFC Zvezda (Russia): 6 (WOMEN)
Copenhagen (Denmark): 8, Atletico Licata (Italy): 5
Masafi Al-Wasat (Iraq): 0, Krylia Sovetov (Russia): 3
Lady Grembach Lodz (Poland): 2, Pavia Lokrians (Italy): 3 (WOMEN)
Al-Arabi (Kuwait): 1, Flamengo (Brazil): 6,
Boca Gdansk (Poland): 2 Shahin Khazar (Iran): 7
Meizhou Hakka (China): 10, Alanya Belediyespor (Turkey): 9