The Alanya Municipality Expands The ‘Ornamental Gourd Lamp Street’

The Alanya Municipality continues to beautify Alanya with help of individuals with disabilities. Since the first day it was opened, the expansion of 'Ornamental Gourd Lamp Street, which has attracted great attention of all domestic and foreign guests, is ongoing.
The Alanya Municipality continues to set an example with its works. The Alanya Municipality Social Aid Affairs Directorate, which has done many studies in every field in terms of participation of individuals with disabilities, in cooperation with the Urban Design Directorate has started to expand the 'Ornamental Gourd Lamp Street' in which it has covered a great idea for the City. The project, which started in the last year with 700 calabash made by ingenious hands of disabled people, was doubled this year and added color to the streets of the city.


Accompanied by the Handicraft Arts Teacher Ayşegül Macar Koçak, who works in the Alanya Municipality Barrier-Free Park and Life Center, in the study involving 21 disabled people from different disability groups, the street is expanded and offers pleasure to the citizens living in Alanya and the guests coming to Alanya.


The activity, which started with 700 calabash decorations at the Alanya Municipality Barrier-Free Art Workshop, continues with 1600 calabash decorations within a year. It is planned to illuminate the whole street with made calabash decorations. The processed calabash, which are exhibited in an area of 135 meters in total, attract the attention of every visitor.

People with disabilities, citizens and residents and guests of the streets who were happy to take part in this study thanked everyone who contributed, especially the Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel.