Resident Foreigners (Yeni Alanyalılar) will celebrate their 15th years

Alanya Municipality Foreigners Assembly (Yeni Alanyalılar) is preparing to celebrate its 15th anniversary on October 23rd. Turkey's first and only foreign Alanya Municipality Foreigners Assembly of the Council, a series of events will be organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary at the Alanya Cultural Center.
Alanya Municipality Foreigners Assembly held its monthly meeting under the chairmanship of the President of the Assembly Abdullah Karaoğlu and discussed the activities to be organized in October, November and December.
Speaking on the agenda, assembley Speaker Karaoğlu said, “On October 23, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary with various activities.
We will open our 5th Alanya International Art Exhibition on November 22nd. Upon request from citizens and Yeni Alanyalılar, we will organize the Christmas Market for 2 days this year. In other words, we will be holding the 10th Alanya International Christmas Market this year on 7-8 December. I would like to thanks Mr. Mayor Adem Murat Yücel and his team who provided us with these opportunities and were with us at every event.