Culinary Heritage European Gastronomy Work Tour Ended

Alanya Municipality is the first municipality in Turkey to get licence rights of the Culinary Heritage Europe system. The Gastronomy Study Tour, which started in Alanya and then continued in Gaziantep, has been completed. 

After the 5-day Gastronomy Study Tour in Alanya, the delegation continued the tour in Gaziantep. The tour with the participation of the Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel, was completed with a visit to Gaziantep Zeugma Museum and an evening full of Gaziantep delicacies in the charming Bayazhan with its historical atmosphere.


On the second day of the tour, Baklava workshop at Çelebioğulları, trips to the Culinary Museum, Turkish Bath Museum and Semolina halva with pistachio workshop at the Culinary Arts Centre took place. Turkish coffee breaks were given at Coppersmiths Bazaar, Almacı Bazaar and at Tahmis cafe. Various dishes of Gaziantep cuisine were tasted at lunch. 

Under the hospitality of Mehmet Sait Kılıç, the Mayor of Oğuzeli Municipality, production of some local products such as pomegranate syrup, dried walnut sausage and dried fruit rollup was demonstrated.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Fatma Şahin, hosted Alanya coordinators of Culinary Heritage and the Mayor of Alanya Municipality - Adem Murat Yücel in her office. Gastronomy and many joint projects the two cities could do were discussed. Alanya Mayor, Adem Murat Yücel, said that “Culinary Heritage Europe Gastronomy Study Tour” gave Alanya a different perspective and the city has gained the opportunity to promote its local tastes and products internationally. He also said that the Municipality would establish gastronomy routes with other cities.