Culinary Heritage Europe Gastronomy Working Tour Alanya Leg Completed

Alanya Municipality is the first municipality in which the license rights of the domain system in Turkey Culinary Heritage Europe, 5-day gastronomic tour first leg of the work was completed in Alanya.

During the 3-day Gastronomy Work Tour Alanya local businesses, local delicacies and agricultural products were introduced. After the opening dinner at the Green Beach Restaurant on the first day, the Culinary heritage coordinators who went to Alanya Castle by cable car were visited our unique historical places and told the history of Alanya. Culinary Heritage Coordinators and Alanya Culinary Heritage Coordinators and Alanya Culinary Heritage Coordinators and members of Alanya Culinary Heritage are members of the Culinary Culture House-Food Museum which was awarded the continuity award in the Competition for the Conservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Projects and Practices of the Historical Cities Association enterprises participated. The local delicacies of Alanya presented to the participants in the Gastronomy Work Tour organized by the Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control of Alanya Municipality were introduced at the Culinary Heritage House.


Alanya style lemonade, S cake, baklava, rolling pin, spoon halva, raw, pumpkin with milk, water pastry, zucchini dessert, avocado flavors and olive oil foods were presented to the guests. After the cocktail, the tour was continued with a trip to Kızılkule and the historical Alanya Shipyard. After a historical visit, our Culinary Heritage System member Bumba Balık, who has a unique view, both rested and cooled down with our local carob ice cream. Another system member who attaches importance to local tastes, Löküs Restaurant continued to tour the region with fish and appetizers. Alanya's local fish varieties in the menu, fish manchur, walnut talaturlu fish was one of the most remarkable and appreciated flavors. Culinary Heritage Europe System members are offered a menu of delicious appetizers, fish varieties and seafood.


On the second day of Gastronomy Work Tour, Avokadocum Local Business owner Emrah Kıral, who is a member of the Culinary Heritage System, was offered avocado flavors prepared by our Culinary Heritage System member Alaiye Hotel, who answered the basic questions such as how to grow Avocado, when to harvest, how to ripen. . System members and coordinators who visited Vatanoğlu Drying Facility, which is another member of the Culinary Heritage, are offered food flavors which are all made of natural and local products and dried without adding any additives fully explained.


Gastronomy work tour continued in Dimçayı, one of the most important places of Alanya. The taste feast continued at Ada Piknik, which is also a member of Culinary Heritage. After Dimçay, where the grill varieties are tasted, our next stop was Alaiye Gurme, where local products were sold. Our local cheeses, homemade olives, molasses varieties, carob and products are tasted by Alaiye Gurme Enterprise to provide carob powder to our guests. Afterwards, the system members and coordinators who visited Alanya Fish Market and Salıpazarı were taken to the Park Forest Management. In Alanya table, which has a rich menu, soups, fresh thyme salad, dried tomato appetizer with walnuts, leaf wrap, eggplant and lamb stuffed with local flavor were served. The local dishes, which received full points from our guests with their presentation and taste, were completed with treats consisting of semolina halva, zucchini dessert, boiled peanuts and fruits unique to the region.


On the third day, the last day of the tour on behalf of Alanya, system members and coordinators visited Alanya banana orchard. Culinary Heritage Coordinators and System Members had the chance to get detailed information about what a banana plant is like a tree, what it means to give birth to bananas, twigs, hicks, combs, hands, fingers, when to harvest. After the work, guests were presented with bananas and bananas. The last day of Alanya Gastronomy Tour was completed with this event. Work continued with Gaziantep Tour, another city included in the Culinary Heritage System. Mayor Adem Murat Yücel said that they were very happy to have organized the Culinary Heritage Europe Gastronomy Work Tour in Alanya, where we had the opportunity to promote the local delicacies and products of Alanya in an international dimension. stated that the local government will continue to carry out effective projects.