Alanya Municipality Theater Goes to the 5th International Ankara Puppet Festival

Alanya Municipality Theater set out to attend the 5th International Ankara Puppet Festival. ABT, which made its first tour in Bursa at the 24th International Bursa Children and Youth Festival last week, will meet with the audience in Ankara at Yılmaz Güney Stage at 10:00 and 11:00 tomorrow on October 22nd and will make its second tour of the season.


Aslan, who staged for the first time last year and received great appreciation from the audience, set out today to meet the audience from Ankara. Aslan, who doesn't want to be the King who will perform at the 5th International Ankara Puppet Festival, which starts on October 19 and will continue until October 27, will have his name written into 42 events consisting of puppet games, exhibitions, and workshops.

The festival, opened in Theater Tempo, continues to meet its audience in 13 different venues including Ankara center and Beypazarı district.

International Istanbul Puppet Festival this year in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Russia, and Turkey participating artists exhibits, workshops, with adult and children's games will be with Ankara audience.