ALANYA Has Not Forgotten The Street Animals

While the curfew was declared against the COVID-19 outbreak with the decision of the Ministry of Interior, staff affiliated to the Alanya Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate did not leave the street animals alone. Food and water containers were left at various points in the city for the street friends.
After the curfew decision taken by the Ministry of Interior against the COVID-19 (New Type of Coronavirus) outbreak, the staff subordinated to the Alanya Municipality accelerated their work in all areas, while the staff subordinated to the Veterinary Affairs Directorate started a special work for street friends. The staff are putting the food and water containers in various parts of the city and implement the measures taken to prevent the animals from experiencing hunger and thirst problems. Containers left during the curfew will be checked daily and supplements will be made if deemed necessary. With the works, 34 neighborhoods and 117 feeding points were reached in total. An estimated 2 thousand street friends were prevented from starving with our 800 animals in Demirtaş Temporary Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center.