World Winners Cup Alanya 2019

Beach Soccer Worldwide is thrilled to announce the first edition of the World Winners Cup, a global clubs competition open for registration. This event will feature both Men and Women's divisions. The maiden edition of this bran new competition will take place in Alanya, Turkey, between the 21st and 27th of October. Following the successful format of the Euro Winners Cup, the World Winners Cup will be open to all the clubs that want to take part in the event. Just as it happens with the Euro Winners Cup, the teams need to be sanctioned and approved by their respective National Football Association.
Another of the requirements, applying only to the European Teams, of course, is that only teams that have taken part in the 2019 Euro Winners Cup can participate in the World Winners Cup. More things about the World Winners will be known soon. The competition format, both in the men's and the women's competitions, will be adapted according to the number of teams participating, but will follow the group stage + play-offs scheme. Keep tuned to find out more about this exciting competition!