Built in 1226 by Sultan Kayqubad I, in order to protect the harbour. Built in octagonal shape by design, the Tower is 33 metres high, having a diameter of 29 metres and is climbed by stairway of stone with 85 steps. The cistern located in the centre of the Tower was built for fetching the water needs of its occupants. At first floor of the tower, extends a walking path behind the walls, which leads to the Ehmedek section of the Castle. While Kizil Kule serves as a monumental structure to be explored by visitors, it also hosts temporary exhibitions in different times of the year.

The Seljuk Sultan of Rum, Alaeddin Kayqubad I, who built a shipyard at the banks of Black Sea before, earns the title of "sultan of the two seas" with his successful Alanya Shipyard building campaign and eventually signs trade agreements with Venice of the time. The Shipyard remained fully operational as such, until 1960s.