Alanya Beaches, Arranged According to the Social Distance Rules, are Waiting for Their Guests

Alanya beaches are waiting for their guests in the new season of 2020 with the measures taken against the danger of coronavirus.
Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel and ALTID President Burhan Sili examined the works on the beach buffet which belongs to ALTID at Damlataş Cleopatra Beach in Alanya.

In addition to the measures taken in the areas of public use for the purpose of protecting public health in the coronavirus process, the beaches were also subjected to the corona revision, while controlled new social life rules were reflected on the beaches. 

Social distance arrangements and hygiene works were carried out in all areas from deck chairs to walkways, changing rooms to toilets. In the beaches where the entrances and exits are made by controlling separately, the people are informed with information signs hanging for Covid-19 measures.

It has been observed that necessary arrangements have been made to ensure that staff on the beach use of masks and take social distance measures in the seating areas.